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I am Dr. Bhavin Jankharia, a radiologist in practice for over 30 years. While medicine and radiology have taught me a lot about diagnosing and managing diseases, they didn't prepare me to learn how to live long, healthy.

I started a website called in Dec 2020. Its focus was to understand the factors that affect our health. I soon realized that we need to also find actionable points to implement once we have understood these factors. Hence atmasvasth was born - "atma" - self and "svasth" - health.

I also realized that not everyone (especially in India and specifically those over the age of 50) reads and/or subscribes to blogs such as these. Hence the book. It took almost a year to create the book, which not only has all the information you need to work towards a long healthspan and lifespan, but also serves as a daily log book.

For more details about how to purchase the book, please click here.