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The 15-Point Guide

The 15-Point Guide to Live Long, Healthy

The premise of Atmasvasth is that we can control our health, lengthen our healthspan and lifespan, and be atmasvasth, on our own, with just a little help, if at all, from doctors and the healthcare system.

If this guide seems overwhelming…that is what living long, healthy entails. Most of us grow up believing that our health is not ours to manage, but should be left to experts like doctors and the healthcare system, which is fine when you are sick and ill, but of no help when you want to be free from disease.

We know more about our cars than we do about our own bodies and health. That needs to change.

For those who don't want to sweat the details, the short-guide lists the main 15-points with links to the relevant information.

For those who want more information, the detailed guide will help you with specific points that you can implement in your lives.

Both these guides serve as companions to the book

  1. Short Guide - Just the Points
  2. Detailed Guide