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Table of Contents

The Guide

Understanding the Steps and Taking Control

Taking Control


Eating Sensibly

Managing Cardiovascular Risk including Hypertension & Diabetes

Estimating our Our Own Cardiovascular Risk - 31 Jan 2021

The Matka of Statin Intolerance (The Nocebo Effect And Our Perceptions That Affect Our Use of Statins) - 03 Jan 2021

Blood Pressure / Hypertension


Sleeping Well

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements

Regular Immunizations and Vaccines

Preventing Falls & Managing Bone Health

Good Hygiene


Managing Time

Managing Pollution

Managing Noise Pollution

Screening for Disease

Managing Brain Health

Managing Our Senses

Regular Health Check-Ups

Choosing Wisely (Doctors, Insurance, Hospitals, Care-Givers, etc)

Managing Ageing, Death and Dying

The Matkas

Our Health Matkas, Understanding Them and Then Taking Control - 25 Dec 2020

Interdependence - 27 Nov 2021

When We Live

Where We Live

Who We Are

What We Have

What is Done to Us

What & How We Are - 13 Jan 2021

Who We See, When We See

Shit Happens