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The 15-Point Guide - Just the Points

The 15-Point Guide - Just the Points

The Book

Atmasvasth - A Guide to Ageing Healthfully : Dr. Bhavin Jankharia: Books
Atmasvasth - A Guide to Ageing Healthfully : Dr. Bhavin Jankharia: Books

The Guide

This is the short guide, with just the main points. The detailed guide is here.

This is a companion to the book. If you feel like logging your health details, then the guide also explains how often to do so (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc.)

  1. Move - be physically active - daily
  2. Eat less, eat smart - eat sensibly - daily
  3. Sleep well - daily
  4. Calm your mind and build cognitive reserves - daily (meditation, downtime, learning, reading)
  5. Manage your medications, supplements, vaccines - daily, once in six months, yearly, one time
  6. Moderate your addictions and stimulants (smoking and gutka, alcohol, caffeine, marijuana) - daily
  7. Do not fall (improve balance, take care not to fall) - daily and assess frailty - yearly
  8. Manage your senses (oral, vision, hearing) - daily, yearly
  9. Address abnormal environmental exposures (your exposome) and stressors at a personal level (air pollution, noise pollution, extremes of temperature, digital noise, accidents - intended and unintended) - daily
  10. Be aware of your weight - monthly and log calories for 4-5 days in a month - monthly
  11. Manage your cardiovascular risk yourself - quarterly, yearly
  12. Screen for cancers and diseases, where screening actually makes a difference - yearly, biennially, every 5 years
  13. Get/renew good health insurance - yearly
  14. Identify doctors and health systems around you and work out the associated health and disease logistics in advance  - one time
  15. Taking Stock of the Remaining 1500 Weeks (Between Ages 60 and 90) - yearly