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When We Live - The Matka of Better Life Expectancy

There has been no better time to be alive from a health perspective than now with ever-increasing lifespans and healthspans

Bhavin Jankharia
4 min read
When We Live - The Matka of Better Life Expectancy
Modern times have led to increasing lifespans

This decade is the healthiest we have ever been. This may seen an anachronism in this era of Covid-19, but read on.


Tukaram was born in 1809, on the same day as Sambhaji, Pandurang and Nathu, in a small village in Maharashtra. Within a year, Sambhaji was dead of a mysterious fever, and Pandurang died of malaria at age 8, leaving just Tukaram and Nathu [1]. Tukaram was one of ten children, four of them girls, born within a span of 12 years. Five of his siblings did not make it past their second year of life and when he hit his teens, only Damodar and Phoolbai were still alive with him.


Tukaram’s peers in almost all the other countries of the world at that time shared the same fate, with survival a shade better in Belgium, Germany and the United States.

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